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It is our mission to make local sustainable clothing initiatives accessible for its neigbors. That is why we are trying every day to find the best ethical designs local brands can offer – showing why it is important and delivering it to your doorstep without any footprint.

What makes a company sustainable? See right through your daily greenwashing marketing campaigns of fast fashion companies. Find high-quality alternatives to that are made locally. Navigate through the SUCLO’s below to learn more about the characteristics of sustainable inititiatives. Our partners are selected for their transparency on their processes.



The supply chain of fabrics can be a complicated process. Where these fabrics are sourced can have a great impact on the environment. Sourcing textile waste or wool from a responsible sheep farm would be more sustainable, in contrary to the use of synthetic materials


The composition of a garment by a clothing brand takes place in their atelier. The kilometers of transportation by air, road, sea or rail in the fabric supply chain, from raw material to the atelier. It makes a difference when raw materials originate from another continent versus local materials


The production of clothing can be for the mass or be custom made to meet the exact demand of an item. The right order of producing ethical garments is to show the design first to the customer, then decide what is the demand, and then produce it.


SUCLO dreams about urban areas that have their own sustainable clothing ecosystem. Where fashionable ethical design meets the local public.



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